The Java Virtual Machine acts like a middle layer that can run code on any computer, regardless of where the said code was compiled. Now, let’s take a look at some specific backend development languages and what they’re used for. There are also full-stack developers, who can work with both front-end and backend technologies. As mentioned above, backend development is what keeps the internet running behind the scenes. 40.39%of current professional web developers took an online coding course, 31.62% learned from online forums, and 59.53% used other online resources like blogs or videos. Around 79%of websites use Hypertext Preprocessor as their server-side programming language.

Back-end Developer

PHP interprets programming instructions to automate routine processes and improve an application’s performance. Programming languages are how developers communicate with computers to execute instructions and implement algorithms. Many of the outputs you want as a backend developer have to go through the use of a language, and there are several languages that are helpful to learn.

Made open source in 2016, .NET can integrate with iOS, Linux, and Android by way of .NET Core. The code is highly stable and reliable, making it a popular choice for businesses. Because it is a Microsoft product, there is great support available if you ever get lost. As of November 2021, PHP developers made an average of $92,237/year in the US. As of November 2021, Java developers made an average of $100,168/year in the US.

Websites and apps are so common these days that it’s easy to take them for granted. But hidden behind every site design or cool new feature is a combination of code and technology that makes it work. Become adept at interacting with behind-the-scenes technologies, like databases and servers, and also at solving more complex sets of problems.

What Is The Average Backend Developers Salary? The Latest Data For 2022

Front End devs use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks, and code libraries to achieve this. Flatiron offers a free introductory coding course to see if it’s something you want to pursue as a career! If you’re already sure, our full-time Software Engineering program gets you job-ready in 15 weeks. According to PayScale, the national average starting salary for back end developers is about $70k.

Back-end Developer

It’s known for facilitating fast development and is used in over 350,000websites globally. Familiarity with a few of those systems will be useful for a backend developer. Backend developers rate their career satisfaction as better than average. For example, a frontend developer creates a page on a website with a button that a customer can click to retrieve data about their past orders. The person responsible for this behind-the-scenes work is called a backend developer.

Backend Language #1: Java

Backend (or server-side) developers provide the infrastructure to back that up. Dynamic website to allow users to make purchases, use contact forms, and any other interactive activities you might participate in while browsing a site. Some examples of dynamic websites are Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, and the Kenzie Academy site you’re currently on.

If you’re interested in becoming a back-end developer, our new Back-End Engineer Career Path is designed to prepare you with everything you need to get an entry-level job in back-end development. Front-end development deals with the user experience and interface of apps and software. A front-end developer designs the layouts, visuals, and interactions on an app’s user-side. As a result, the front-end is responsible for building user experiences. We will explore the average salaries of front-end and back-end developers based on different factors like expertise, experience, skillset, and location.

Its purpose is to transform a program’s structure into simple, reusable pieces of code snippets that are used to create individual instances of objects. Understanding cross-platform functionality and compatibility of applications. Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement. Develop data acceptance and storage solutions for websites, particularly for those involved in payment processing.

Their job is to make sure websites run smoothly and optimise their response time. On top of this, they need to be well-versed in both relational databases, such as MySQL or Oracle, and non-relational databases, such as MongoDB. In this overview, I hope you were able to get a clearer picture of backend development and the capabilities of each language included.

Javascript Libraries And Frameworks

While developers in Colorado and Washington bring home 10% and5% more, respectively. Senior back-end developers with 5 to 9 years of experience can earn $95,000 annually. The only extra fees the company will incur are the commission charges for using a freelance hiring platform. Furthermore, hiring costs will be higher as well if working with an outsourcing agency.

Remember, there are a variety of ways you can gain the back end developer skills you need to be successful. You can choose a formal degree program or opt for a coding boot camp to learn web development. The best educational path depends on what your needs are, whether you’re looking for a variety of topics or want more specialized training that you can complete in a shorter period. Java is a general-purpose programming language for application development, while JavaScript is applied primarily to incorporate animation and interactivity into websites. The two do have similarities; both can run on a browser or server, for example.

Learning a common framework like Django or CherryPy would also be a useful skill for a backend developer. Python has a relatively simple syntax that makes Net Developer it easy to learn and easy for developers to communicate about their code. It supports multiple programming styles and provides clear data visualization.

Learning to be a backend developer will take time and commitment. Though there are differences in what you can earn, depending on if you specialize as a front or back end developer, it all comes down to your unique talents, passions, and abilities. If you’re deciding between the two, it’s best to also think about which one brings you more fulfillment and satisfaction as a developer rather than solely focusing on salary projections.

A website’s functionality relies on each side communicating and operating effectively with the other as a single unit. Languages you can use for back end development include Java, Python, Node, and PHP. It is not necessary to learn all of these languages, but instead focus on one to get started. To start learning JavaScript, you can take freeCodeCamp’s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course. From there, you can start building projects from my 40 JavaScript Projects for Beginners article.

What Is Backend Developer? Skills Need For Web Development

78% of developers say it’s their go-to place to look for job openings. LinkedIn is a good place to start looking for web development jobs. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development framework that was programmed in Ruby.

You can learn some programming and database basics through a variety of avenues, including coding forums such as Stack Overflow, coding apps, and coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps can provide a foundation in topics such as data science and help you build practical experience. Due to the more technical nature of back-end development, getting started can initially seem intimidating. Start by choosing a programming language to focus on, along with the framework that goes with it. For instance, if you choose to learn Python, gain some experience with the Django framework, which uses Python. If you’re keen to learn web development, but aren’t sure whether to go down the frontend or backend route, it’s important to consider the day-to-day tasks of each.

While there are some similarities between the two sides of web development, it’s easiest to think of them as sides of a cassette tape. They are both necessary parts of the web dev process that are used to create functional, visually appealing websites and applications. So if you’re considering a career as a web developer and aren’t sure which side of the development cassette you’re interested in jamming to, you could consider becoming a full stack developer. Full stack developers get the best of both worlds and their work consists of both front and back end elements.

Back-end Developer

The former is more rigid, but better at catching errors, whereas the latter is more flexible but allows for variables to change types . This article by Hacker Noon goes into greater detail if you’re interested in finding out more. Backend programming can either be object-oriented or functional.

All of the commonly used languages generally have several web frameworks to choose from when making a website. Back-end developers should stay aware of upcoming languages and frameworks, as the industry moves quickly. The two roles are closely related in that they must generally work together to create a fully functioning website. According to payscale, the average annual salary of a backend developer is around $130K. Languages Best For BackendDevelopers’ most well-known and in-demand programming languages. A backend developer should have extensive knowledge about Python, PHP, and Java since they are the most in-demand technologies.

While NoSQL databases can be useful and developers often prefer not to use SQL, NoSQL isn’t nearly as popular as SQL. As a backend developer, it will be helpful to understand both. While .NET isn’t as essential as JavaScript or Python, it’s a good skill to have in your toolbox as a backend developer. An open-source platform like MySQL provides free access to SQL database source code and can help you learn the language.

What Back End Developers Do And How It Relates To Front End Development

Front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development all have the potential to become not only career paths but personal passions. Web and mobile development are still young disciplines, with new innovations being released almost daily. Which path you take boils down to your temperament and unique interests. None of the three career paths is „best“ –– only that which is best tailored to you.

What Is A Backend Developer?

Languages like these write and read more like human languages rather than machine languages. Its MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern allows backend development duties to be handled by a controller, which interacts with a model to process data. The result is then presented to the view for display as a frontend web page. With many back end developer languages, compiling a program creates code that may run differently if the computers it’s run on are different.

The salary ranges from about $38k-$117k based on experience, location, and industry. According to SimplyHired, in NYC, starting salary is about $87k with an approximate range to $120k. According to PayScale, the national average starting salary for front end developers is about $67k.

The day-to-day backend engineering consists of optimizing servers for speed and stability, ensuring the structure is secure, and generating reusable code libraries and data storage solutions. Backend development primarily focuses on databases, scripting, backend logic, APIs, and website architecture. You will cover the responsibilities of a backend developer in the coming sections, so keep reading. That said, not all companies will need multi-specialty programmers. To hire developers who have multidisciplinary skills; that versatility is the major reason that cross-functional “full stack” developers can be so attractive in the hiring pool.

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